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UX party uxcon vienna 2022

 Our side-program.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so check out what fun things we have in store!


Meet us in the heart of the city: No need to dress up, no set agenda, and no obligations. Just drinks and time to get to know other UX enthusiasts from all over the world.

Come join us for this uxcon vienna warm-up!

Warm-up & welcome drink

uxcon vienna 2023_Aux Gazelles_edited.png

Sept 12, 19:30

Aux Gazelles - Rahlgasse 5, 1010 Vienna


UX book club

Sept 13, 18:00

location tba

Still hungry for knowledge? Then you gotta check out the UX book club with Sabine Ballata.

It will discuss the new book by Debbie Levitt called "Customers know how you suck." It's all about practical UX strategies to really get what your customers want, bring 'em in, and keep 'em coming back.


More info & registration

book club uxcon vienna 2023

Not ready for it to be over yet? Then come grab a drink with us!


More info coming soon.

Cool-down & rewind

Get Together uxcon vienna 2022.jpg

Sept 14, 18:00

location tba

Two days of conference are great, but who wants to be indoors all the time? These sightseeing tours offer a chance to get to know beautiful Vienna a bit better.


More detailed info will be coming soon.

Sightseeing Tours

City of Vienna.jpg

Sept 14, 18:30

location tba

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