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uxcon vienna warm-up: an evening with Peter Merholz 

June 14th, Talent Garden Austria, 6.30 pm

Keynote: Design at Scale is People!

Get-together: Have a drink and meet the community

We are thrilled, that Peter Merholz comes all the way from Oakland to Vienna to share some insights and meet the Austrian UX community!

Design at Scale is People

Peter is going to give a talk about design at scale and is looking forward to hear your thoughts and questions. Design at scale is perhaps the most interesting challenge facing the design industry right now. However, much of the discussion focuses on design systems and processes, which runs contrary to the true value that design brings to companies, which is a humanistic and creative problem-solving approach. In other words, this focus on systems could ironically undercut design’s potential within organizations. In his talk, he explanis how “Design at Scale” is humanism at scale, and shares what’s needed to keep people at the center of this work.

Drop by at Talent Garden Austria and get inspired!

Peter Merzolz.png

A little bit more about Peter:

Peter is speaker, author and experience design pioneer. He has worked at the intersection of design, technology and humans for over 25 years and co-founded Adaptive Path, the premier user experience consultancy, acquired by Capital One in 2014. Since leaving Adaptive Path, he has worked as a design leader and executive, leading teams at Groupon, OpenTable, Jawbone, Capital One, Snagajob (now Snag), and Kaiser Permanente. Peter has long been a contributor to the professional design community, through his writing, conference speaking, and events hosting. In 2016 he co-wrote Org Design for Design Orgs, still the premier book on building in-house design teams.

What else? Oh yeah, he coined the world “blog”.

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match-making event - meet ux professionals and talents 

on request

Finding new employees can be hard sometimes. That’s why we offer creative online and in-person events to connect companies with talents and make matchmaking fun!
Sounds good? Get in touch: hello@uxcon.at

UX Research training course - 2 days 

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